1. I just realized that my self hatred was just a pretty transparent attempt to convince myself I had a good reason to not be doing the things I knew I had to do to improve my life and be happier.

  2. I liked it but i get the complaints people have made. Definitely seems like a tough task to set up a whole franchise that’s this complicated but I think they did a pretty competent job even if it was a bit slow.

  3. I heard that Star Wars was inspired by dune but if I was dune and Star Wars came out I would be so fucking pissed

  4. The tech is so impressive it’s hard to believe they don’t have better redundancies in their systems it’s clearly not an issue of cost

  5. They could also just put something in front of the sun off-planet, it would solve the whole book series

  6. We went from “free speech!” And “education is supposed to make you uncomfortable!” to “anything that makes a white kid feel uncomfortable is illegal” real fast.

  7. Some people say that expanding the Court is a radical idea – but what was really radical was that the Republicans and Donald Trump stole two seats on our nation’s highest court. We can't ignore what is happening because our rights are on the line. It's time to expand the court.

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