1. I have never been more excited than I am this morning to preach the first chapter of Jonah. We will learn a vital truth for the Christian life - "You Can't Outgod God." If FBC Lindale is your church home, don't miss it. If you don't have a church home and can come, join us!

  2. For the people who like to paint me as a "hyper fundamentalists": I haven't moved in any of my theological convictions and stand exactly where the conservatives of the Conservative Resurgence stood. I am not the one who has moved!

  3. In the current SBC troubles, it's not the words of the "hyper fundies" that should be on your radar, but the "moderates" who see all of this as a hopeful return to the "good 'ole days" when God's Word was neither believed nor followed in the SBC.

  4. I removed the above tweet... because there is some immediate development that I have been made aware of that might greatly change all that I said. I pray it is accurate.

  5. The SBC must get rid of any leader who is proven to willfully cover up physical abuse of women. The SBC must also get rid of any leader who supports the spiritual abuse of women by putting them in positions of spiritual authority, for which they will answer for on Judgment Day.

  6. Jonah ran thinking he could escape God’s purposes and had a perfect plan of escape to Joppa. Jonah thought he had everything under control. He quickly learned that you can’t “out god” God.

  7. “If then we wish God to approve of our repentance, let us not seek evasions, as for the most part is the case; nor let us extenuate our sins, but by a free confession testify before the whole world what we have deserved." - John Calvin

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