1. This Bishop Sycamore "high school" story is hilarious. - Get fucking destroyed by IMG - ESPN and their agencies did no research on BS whatsoever - The "school" went 0-6 last year (scored 42 points, gave up 227) - They had played a game two days before their ESPN game (they lost)

  2. I always love myself a good late night upload. The almighty YouTube algorithm (peace be upon it) may hate it, but there's something special about a 1 AM or 2 AM release. It's quiet and peaceful.

  3. I knew Cody Bellinger had that old form in him. He's been crucial for the Dodgers in this series. Feels like he either had a hitch in his swing or was pressing too hard to snap out of his funk.

  4. So are the Chicago Blackhawks still no longer rebuilding after this offseason or what?

  5. I'm waiting for the moment when an NHL team pulls the goalie with over ten minutes in a game. You know a coach is going to be ballsy enough to do it someday.

  6. If Wisconsin ever wanted to promote gun control, for whatever reason, just give them all to the Milwaukee Brewers: They'd be lucky to hit anything. What a way to waste all of that pitching power.

  7. It's always good to see hockey back in action. Nothing like it at all. And yes, I am late with Haters Guide to the NHL Season. You may use this post as a way to yell at me for failing to finish it on time.

  8. The NFL has concluded that their handling of team affairs in Washington were sufficient. There is no need to release those emails to the public. The NFL will now award the NFL the Roger Goodell Award for ending racism and excellence in self-investigation. Long live the NFL.

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