1. BOOM! The number one tennis player in the world, Novak Djokovic, was told that if he doesn’t get vaccinated, HE CANNOT PLAY IN THE AUSTRALIAN OPEN. Retweet to thank the Australian Open for standing strong!

  2. BREAKING: January 6 Committee Chair Bennie Thompson sends Jim Jordan a defiant message over his antics at today’s hearing, notifying Jordan that he “won’t be bullied” around and “will find all the facts” and “call them straight.” RT TO THANK CHAIRMAN THOMPSON FOR STANDING STRONG!

  3. BREAKING: The Supreme Court refuses to intervene and block COVID-19 vaccine mandates for Maine health workers. RT IF YOU SUPPORT VACCINE MANDATES!

  4. BREAKING: Donald Trump files lawsuit in desperate attempt to block the Biden Administration from releasing possibly damning documents to the January 6th committee. RT IF YOU AGREE THE DOCS MUST BE RELEASED!

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