1. How are people not talking more about the fact that the whole reason we know about Jon Gruden's emails is that Dan Snyder's lawyers thought Bruce Allen leaked a fake story to an Indian clickbait site about Jeffrey Epstein?

  2. (The joke is that writers for the Atlantic have no sense of humor that they are aware of.)

  3. Any joke you hear at the local gas station or barbershop is probably ten times more offensive than anything Chappelle has said in the past few years. That's reality. These folks don't live in reality.

  4. Some redditors reached out because I made reference on Fox to the ludicrous beef with Shatner. I'm sure we are all happy with the guy's trip to the stars, especially the Wisconsin guys who love Trek so much.

  5. I'll be on Special Report tonight discussing the Virginia governor's race and the developments in Loudoun County.

  6. New CBS Poll: 62% of likely Virginia voters say "school curriculums on race and history" are a "major factor" in their vote for governor.

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