1. (To add to the above, quotes with proper attribution are one thing and totally acceptable. But I am seeing numerous pages and even full chapters+ popping up on social media. That is what I am referring to that is definitely unfair to those who put this together.)

  2. Before I post anything more, I recommend to purchase the book if you’re interested and not rely on screen shots being posted on Twitter and social media (which is incredibly unfair to the authors.) As a published author, it pains me to see so much being posted online.

  3. Publication of Skinwalkers at the Pentagon has brought back into focus a discussion and I had in 2019 about the respective roles and responsibilities of the CO, COR and GPL. Page 17 of the AAWSAP contractual solicitation documentation lists Lacatski as COR and GPL.

  4. So, I'm working on something, and there really are some head scratching questions. This may be a long presentation, but it has to be done. You sure you are all ready for this?

  5. "A few days previously [May 2009], [Senator Harry Reid] had received a thorough briefing on the new progress of the AAWSAP BAASS effort from aerospace billionaire Robert Bigelow..." (Skinwalkers at the Pentagon, Page 90). Yet, Harry Reid told NY Magazine this in March 2018: 🤷‍♂️

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