1. Had a few too many G&T's and now feeling lonely and horny... If I get online will you show me some love?

  2. Watching Sex Life on netflix; TERRIBLE story line but dayum its got some HOT af scenes that are making me drip! I need to get laid... lol

  3. In need of some light hearted fun with my favourite people. Hope you'll join me in my chat room in just a few minutes 🥰

  4. Watched 'The tomorrow war' but still feeling unfulfilled, guess ill get online! Give me 30 minutes ❤

  5. Well done Ash, great game, deserving win. Thanks for bringing it home for the Aussies!!!

  6. Perth lockdown means we are working with a skeleton crew right now, so guess who volunteered to do my part and not come in?! Which means you get a double dose of BlueXStacey this week!! Online in a few hours xx

  7. I had so much fun camming the other night! So I thought I would do it again, now! Stop by and say hi!

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