1. To get a discount on merchandise, enter the promotional code BSG7YEARS in the "COUPON" field on the Checkout page. Don't miss the opportunity to purchase some cool Tarkov gear at a discount!

  2. In honor of the studio's birthday, we are offering a 25% holiday discount on all types of pre-orders and upgrades, as well as on the entire range of merchandise from our store

  3. We would like to thank all the tournament participants for an excellent game, and the spectators for supporting their favorite teams!

  4. Despite the fact that we originally planned a unique viewer reward for each showmatch, we decided to add a Docs Case on top of the existing Drops reward for watching the NA showmatch. Join us tonight at 21:00 Moscow time, root for your favorite players and claim your Drops!

  5. ● Cartridges that had the "Found in raid" status were automatically stacking with cartridges without that status; ● Bots could shoot while changing body positions; ● Bots did not respond to commands after receiving the "Follow me" command

  6. The following bugs have been fixed: ● Sniper Scavs in the Shoreline location were ignoring players; ● Ergonomics stats did not change when adding weapon parts and mods while in a raid; ● The TOZ KS-23M shotgun was hitting below the aiming point;

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