1. While I'm excited to see more women of color ascending to the highest levels of important left-leaning organizations, I'm going to judge their orgs' board members on whether they hold onto them during the Presidential election cycle too. We're not the back-up. We're the base.

  2. It’s time to invest in paid leave, childcare, home and community based care, Medicare expansion, housing, climate action, health care, and a roadmap to citizenship. It’s time to pass the Build Back Better Act.

  3. When 70% of public housing tenants are people of color, improving our nation's public housing infrastructure isn't just a policy initiative, it's a racial justice imperative.

  4. It was a lovely surprise getting to meet this crew from NRK (Norway's equivalent of PBS). We had a long discussion about gerrymandering in Texas, and specifically what happened to . It was a difficult talk, but I remain optimistic about the future of Texas and the country.

  5. This is a months old article, but it bears repeating. The pain of families still dealing with persistent working-poverty is fresh.

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