1. a lot of people understand this and im grateful but the abuse gavin is receiving is unwarranted. a lot of these circumstances, esp nairo and zack's, require nuance. gavin tried to intervene and told adults and theyre choosing to stay silent right now

  2. CW: Sexual assault Eduardo (TMPR) sexually assaulted me November 2nd 2019. I considered him a friend before that. We had spent time playing smash and drinking with groups of friends before this and in hindsight there were red flags, but he didn't make advances on me.

  3. taking this day off streaming in respect of those coming forward with their stories. do not silence their voices.

  4. whoever og moonslide is on melee quick play umm...why your ics move like that it gave me anxiety

  5. im honestly grateful for what happened. one year didn't feel like much time at all and neither would five, i believe. if TOs believe my ban should be shorter than five, so be it. i said it when i was issued the ban and I'll say it again. i accept my ban fully.

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