1. With the somewhat imminent release of v.24, I thought it'd be a good idea to show you all some stuff that we haven't talked about yet. How would you all like to know the songs that'll all be included in the game for free? Here's your peek at what we've got coming...

  2. Enter YBOOBYYO on the frets (or keys mapped to the frets) at the main menu. For 6 fret this is B3 W1 W2 W2 W1 B3 B3 W2. As well, all of the PTBs (Public Test Builds) have it removed so updating to any one of those will remove it and you don't need to adjust your computer's date

  3. So it's that time of year again to remind everyone that April Fools is coming up that the whole highway flip/shake "Easter Egg" that everyone "loves to death" will activate. You can advance your computer's date to any other date to prevent it as well, here's a few other ways

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