1. Thank you all for your patience while we fixed the login issues with . This has truly been an amazing release and I'm really sorry the launch did not go as smoothly as we planned - your enthusiasm really blew every one of us away!

  2. Toontown: Corporate Clash constantly works to make the best game possible, and that includes listening to feedback from the players. Here’s a look at some of the many community suggested tweaks coming to the game as part of the v1.2.5 Update!

  3. Toons have never looked as good as they will in the upcoming v1.2.5 Update. Toon bodies have been remodeled to be much smoother, significantly improving their overall appearance and further bringing Toontown closer to modernized graphics!

  4. You may have noticed in our trailer for v1.2.5 that Toons are now able to wear any clothing item, but it doesn't stop there. In fact, gender has been removed altogether! When creating a Toon, you will not be locked into choosing male or female, and have more freedom than ever!

  5. Additionally, it is imperative that you clear out your mailboxes of any items, including what is stored there currently and ensuring any deliveries that are on the way between now and October 23rd are obtained before the update launches.

  6. Halloween is coming to Toontown: Corporate Clash as part of the v1.2.5 update on Oct. 23rd, and this year we tasked the community with designing this year's wearable Pumpkin Heads! Here's a look at the chosen winners, whose designs you'll see in-game later this month:

  7. A BRAND NEW experience is coming to Corporate Clash in the form of the card game “TOONO!”. This is one of many new additions coming later this month as part of update v1.2.5. More info to follow soon. Releases October 23rd in conjunction with this year’s Halloween event!

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