1. The next alphas of DBM may be a little buggy, another refactor is going into testing and it’s a big one. I’m optimistic my code checks caught most odd cases though but if I missed even a single one it’ll be very errory.

  2. I’m still working on WIM (WoW Instant Messenger), just fell behind for a while. Behind no more though, WIM 3.9.2 released to improve compatibility with Classic era 1.14.x

  3. Target scanning features of DBM have been refactored in latest alpha. They may be buggy over remainder of weekend as they go into testing now. If you use alpha, be aware of this and also report bugs you see. if you want to avoid these bugs, avoid alpha for couple days

  4. Some additional bug fixes were also included on retail and tbc. if you still see an issue post update, it’s probably because it’s an issue that wasn’t reported (or reported but not with enough detail yet)

  5. New DBM updates were released for all wow versions with completely redone icon code aiming to improve functionality, performance, and code maintenance. These changes also required updating all retail old content mods as well so make sure you also get those updates.

  6. Tonight I’m still planning a Halloween decor stream. Watch me string some lights up and see final result Was supposed to be last night but needed to spend 7 hours testing new DBM code The plan is to start sometime around 6pm eastern. Make sure to follow

  7. Auto marking is being pretty heavily refactored in alpha right now so icons being set on mobs and in some cases players, may be completely non functional (or it’ll work fine). If using alpha versions, report feedback either way if things broke or if things continued working.

  8. So apparently blizzard changed the spellids for several mechanics on KT and caused half the mod to break, about 2 weeks ago. It took 2 weeks for any users to notice mod was broken. I’m only just now learning about it. These are kind of things I wish blizzard would report better

  9. New DBM updates out Retail 1. fixes detection of Glare on Eye of jailer, which broke after sept 22nd hotfixes changed combat log events for it. BC/Classic. 1. Fixed lua errors with restoring quest frame after combat 2. Fixed permissions error with sending break timers.

  10. Why they would change the combat log event for a spell months after tier is released, 🤷‍♂️ Anyways, working on a fix to restore Annihilating Glare alert/timer on Eye of the jailer.

  11. Also, some kinks were found with way packager works in regard to toc modification for externals, so both classic era and TBC updates that went out earlier are marked “out of date” in addons. these mods are safe to load and DBM 2.5.14 and 1.13.81 should work fine.

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