1. These kinds of discussions, I think, get locked away in the paragraphs of reviews people boil down to a rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

  2. Trying to think when the last time the Discourse around a movie was really about the movie and not about political messaging or representation or outside elements like how to see the movie or Disney's monopoly on the box office.

  3. One of my favorite Entertainment Twitters is “but leaving the house costs more than streaming” Twitter. It’s second only to “But we’re in a pandemic” Twitter, which is truly the best and most newsbreaking of all the Twitters

  4. The whole “change your voicemail if you don’t have cell signal” thing has really shown me millennials are not necessarily any better than boomers in believing random chain letters online

  5. i would go to the movies more but nobody laughs at all the amazing jokes i yell out during the film because i am bored from only watching one thing at a time

  6. Imagine how profoundly unusable this website would be if Wes Anderson shit-talked Marvel.

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