1. disney genie: oh you have an anniversary dinner planned at california grill tonight at 8pm? we'll be sure to make it extra magical, window table, champagne, the works. oh, and you want to ride slinky dog dash in lightning lane? i only have 8pm available

  2. disney genie: what do you like to do? ummm..tower of terror, rock n roller coaster, toy story mania, smugglers run your itinerary: disney junior live on stage: 9:15am - 9:45am frozen sing along - 9:50am - 10:30am the star wars stores: 10:45am - 2:30pm lunch at catalina eddie's

  3. just think all the people who think fastpass costs money are right now

  4. rise of the resistance lightning lane cost over Christmas: $96,915 (tax included)

  5. it will be interesting to see if disney moves more quickly to build new rides with lightning lane as a clear driver of revenue. lightning lane on your average new top attraction brings in ~65 million a year and probably only goes up from there.

  6. if i was living the cushy life as an imagineer in burbank and disney was like "you live in laka nona.....florida now...for tax purposes..." and i had any other career options i would be like NOPE i'm good

  7. "going to disney world is all about rich thematic integrity, incredible innovation, spending quality time with family and friends, and just taking in and cherishing the intimate atmosphere the park creates" *ride prices go up 25 cents* BURN THIS PLACE TO THE GROUND

  8. an entertaining number of people are trying to use the lightning lane as the "fastpass line." "i booked this ride over 60 days ago!!!!" "prince eric promised us fastpass on our last trip!" unfortunately "we havent offered fastpass in over a year" shuts them down pretty fast.

  9. we did save a lot of money when disney stopped releasing dvds that were like lion king, then lion king deluxe, lion king special edition, lion king ultimate, lion king greatest hits, lion king diamond, lion king platinum super plus, lion king collectors edition, lion king super v

  10. i remember the week where you could meet rare characters like the 3 little pigs and scrooge mcduck during that limited time magic year. now theyre like "after 27 months we bring back donald duck in his usual location and you can get within 10 feet of him to take your own picture"

  11. for year of a million dreams they would just hand you a giant mickey plush and be like "it's on the mouse! happy anniversary everyone!" and the general public would clap. now you have to get into a fist fight with the whole park just to maybe buy one for $400

  12. also there is like not a lot of difference in wait times today and the narrative is that there is going to be so start buying and using lightning lane as soon as possible please like in the next five minutes is good

  13. it wouldnt surprise me if they go back and try to collect on the prizes from the year of a million dreams either. there is probably some clause that they can. imagine opening the mail and seeing "BILL HAHA one night in cinderella castle" - $77,951.08

  14. try saying "disney would just give you stuff" out loud without laughing

  15. for one anniversary disney would just give you stuff. like you could be standing there and you'd get a lanyard with fastpass for every attraction just for being lazy at the right time. now they are like happy anniversary it's $190 and we dont do lanyards but the playdisney app is

  16. "you just got home from vacation?" "yeah it was great. first you pay more than any other theme park to get in. then you buy access to skip some lines. and then you pay individually to skip the line at two other rides which aren't included but it's only like $75 more per ride"

  17. it's going to be incredibly more complicated to explain to my kids why we have to wait at the grocery store. no more "we dont have fastpass." i am going to have to explain phones, apps, the genie, the nuances of the booking process, how we dont have enough for it and the ham

  18. to disney's credit buying a la carte lightning lanes is incredibly intuitive. as far as some guide on buying genie+ if you cant figure it out i would either stay home or go to universal where you just wake up and get in line. which now sounds like an incredibly foreign concept

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