1. Dota has been my life for 16 years, and I've loved it, and I hope Dota continues to grow and love the rest of you like it did me.

  2. ill be Leaving Dota and the Esports Scene For A long time if not permanent. I dont want to make this about me though, I want to Say, I hope the people who dont feel safe do feel safer, and I hope Dota becomes an overall better esport over the upcoming years.

  3. But the unfortunately reality of it all is that , that does not make up for the past and What I did. I dont want people to flame other people, I was the one who brought this upon myself and truly do apologize to the people ive hurt.

  4. I just want to apologize to everyone in the Dota Scene, the things I have done in the past really are Just horrible to look back on. I have worked on myself over the last few years , and have tried to better understand people and better understand me.

  5. No one should ever Feel uncomfortable or slimy in any situation or at an event , What I did is inexcusable alcohol or not, And I sincerely Do apologize for the pain I put you through. Thank you for opening up to me when I messaged you, You didn't have to.

  6. Some of the Most fun Ive had casting in awhile. Fun games and Good to See Plasma and Plus 1 Get their first wins! See ya'll tomorrow

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