1. If there's one thing the New York Times hates it's allowing journalists to observe proceedings of public interest

  2. Hello! I am looking for freelance work. Preferably editing! I have been editing professionally for over a decade and and have done all sorts of stories in all sorts of environments. Basically, I am available! DM or get in touch: [email protected]

  3. We need chairs & blankets. Our strikers are starting to spend time inside cars as the cold is hitting them. For the hours outside, we seek these amenities. We also seek a fund so they don't have to end their strike or return to work while striking.

  4. Inbox: 3,000 Columbia University student workers in say they will strike on November 3 if they don't have a contract. Would be a fairly significant sized strike.

  5. The civil rights movement succeeded down South. There is a blueprint to continue that work as a labor rights movement. What is needed is money, organizers, and a commitment to stay there for years.

  6. But unions have typically invested not in long-term, widespread organizing, but in large, individual campaigns, like the UAW's failed campaign to unionize Nissan in MS. Beating big corporate power in set battles in a poor state is incredibly hard.

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