1. Wow I woke up suddenly bc my phone fell and I slept for only 4 hours and that time I'm just turn on youtube I saw 100T holding trophy lol nice timing congratulations!!

  2. First time in 6 years I'm not going to worlds Sadge this year is over for me sorry about we played bad in play off I hope na teams do well in China my plan is back to korea and playing soloq thank you for supporting us aslo good luck guys in lcs worlds

  3. It's a shame that we finished 3rd, but I’m to be proud of my team. We have improved a lot, we'll show you guys better performance in the play off. Thank you for always supporting us, see you guys next week🙂

  4. I was more nervous than playing on stage because I suddenly had and interview after a long time. was fun game gg guys see you tmrw

  5. This week i'm disappointed in my self im played giga shit this week, Sorry about fans watched bad game. I'm sorry for the bad performance. I will do better and I am counting on my teammates. I wanted to say I'm sorry to the fans. See you next week guys! :)

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