1. 7-0 Fury doesn’t cut it for my 5th fight I’m fighting either Hector Lopez or Javier Martinez next!! Hector was “Tanks” 8th opponent, came in 0-0 and retired 0-1. Hector was an MMAer who was 2-0 Javier was Canelos 10th opponent, entered the fight 0-0 and retired at 0-1

  2. Get rid of these commercials in the corner man😭 I’m trying to hear what coaches and fighters are saying That’s one of the best parts of boxing

  3. Dear Floyd, IF you can read this, please tell your puppet Gervonta to leave my name out of his mouth. Sincerely - Clownman69

  4. Gervonta Davis and Floyd Mayweather both beat up their baby mothers. That’s what you call a fucking clown. Two clowns don’t make a right.

  5. Someone tell Baker Mayfield if he needs someone to massage his shoulder I’m there.

  6. It used to be “Jake Paul is bad for boxing” Now it’s “Can I get on the undercard”

  7. Tuning in tonight… 2 of my top 5 players going at it. is back! My top 5:   5. Devin Booker 4. Steph Curry 3. Damian Lillard 2. Luka Doncic 1. Lebron James What’s your top 5?

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