1. Hey , this was on the news last night. I knew Andy when i was growing up and banjo player you see was my grandpa, Chuck Lilley. We called him Pa for short. Huge Tribe fan. He died of pancreatic cancer when i was 15, and he was the best guy i’ve ever known ❤️

  2. my only advice to all the girls out there is to say insane things. just do it

  3. Dude. The All Yours Tee from is literally the comfiest tshirt on the planet. Got one, ordered 2 more and probs going to order all the colors 🤩✌🏻

  4. Being a woman is thinking you're ugly and looking back at pictures when you also thought you were ugly at the time and being like omg I was so hot. And never actually remembering what it was like to be hot at that time because you thought you were ugly.

  5. Aright who tf came up with Disney+??? It’s been 2 days and i have watched Lion King, Frozen, Frozen II and Finding Nemo and have cried more times than i can count. Waiting on my refund of emotions and tears thank u

  6. I hate that most of my favorite pictures have 2 of the absolute worst people in them

  7. Hey , tragedy struck over the weekend and i shattered a lense in my Moonbows. How does you warranty work? Can you guys fix them since I don’t think you make them anymore? 😢🙏🏻

  8. I am so disappointed that is not offering the fiesta potatoes anymore. The only reason i go there. Such a shame

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