1. How come it's always "if you can't pay your bills, get a better job" but never "if you can't find workers, pay a better salary"

  2. Do you think that Dental and Vision for our amazing seniors should be covered under Medicare? Retweet if you agree!

  3. Please get off the republican highway and realize that voting rights belong to all people, regardless of race or income!

  4. Traitor Joni Voted to Take away you Right to Vote! Republicans don’t want people to have Free and Fair Elections! Resign Traitor Joni

  5. 6800+ Iowans dead from covid Govt shutdowns Fascism Insurrection Tax cheats Election lies White supremacy Lying about veterans Voter Suppression Sexual Assault QANon Anti womens health Religion over science Unchecked gun ownership Threats to school boards

  6. Remember the discussion a few months ago - police reform, climate change, immigration, DC statehood, etc. So far Rs have been able to defeat Biden's agenda one by one. Only real hope now for any of this is to pass voting rights which MIGHT allow holding the House next year.

  7. Do you feel the same or what? Frustration has really set in. You have the senate and you have the congress and you have the White House and you can't win.

  8. BREAKING: Meghan Markle pens an open letter to Congress demanding that it make paid parental leave a “national right” because no American worker “should have to choose between earning a living and caring for their child.” RT IF YOU THINK CONGRESS SHOULD PASS PAID PARENTAL LEAVE!

  9. The hypocrisy continues!! Gym Jordan says Congress shouldn't have the power to investigate things. As if Benghazi never happened.

  10. BREAKING: Senate Republicans block Democrats from starting debate on the Freedom to Vote Act. The filibuster isn’t protecting bipartisanship, it’s ensuring its absence.

  11. You know what’s more radical than abolishing the filibuster? Watching 19 states pass voter suppression laws and doing absolutely nothing to stop it.

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