1. Woke opinion ca. 1853: Slavery is wrong and we should abolish it and make formerly enslaved people fully enfranchised citizens.

  2. Can someone explain why in Russia and Belarus people are desperately trying to defend the free media, while in the US people are protesting against the media?

  3. Did you know It’s easier to qualify to be a sitting member of Congress than it is to be verified on Twitter?

  4. Again, ANYONE else who consistently behaved like this—spewing out quite literally deranged, rambling stream of consciousness lunacy—would be forcibly insitutionalized immediately. This is a very desperately deranged person who knows many walls are closing in at long last.

  5. After a recent segment about the opioid crisis, the Sacklers objected to a banner that they thought didn’t make it clear enough that they haven’t been charged with any crimes. So here’s our clarification:

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