1. Scary to see the difference in warding throughout different Ranks. Here we see the average number of wards placed per game. PS: If the number is below 0 it means that there are games where people don't buy ANY wards at all dropping the average wards placed per game ratio.

  2. Is this real life? Voice chat coming to League of Legends (eventho it's just for parties)! What's your take on it?

  3. Thanks everyone for your feedback regarding the rune path where our app is showing to get both, the free boots and the stopwatch. We’re aware of it and are looking into getting it fixed in a timely manner!

  4. Hey there! This is the official Support Twitter Account! If you need any help with any of our products ( @OVERSUMO ) or services we‘re here to help you. Simply tweet us or send us a DM and we‘re ready to assist you with any of your inquiries!

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