1. After over a year of high-level writing, and a month of low-level writing, I am finally ready to announce OVERBREED - a 6-part futa Overwatch miniseries featuring a whole lot of waifus getting knocked up and the narrative emphasis I hope you've all come to know me for. \1

  2. Can I just say, I really appreciate the hustle that Josephine from Dragon Age Inquisition is getting. She has been submitted to the Vote three or four times now. Every time she gets bumped off the list, some avid fan of hers keeps resubmitting her. I respect that.

  3. The ideas we have for Jill so far: 1.) Nemesis tentacle fun-time 2.) Jill throating a Licker tongue (weird but ok) 3.) Jill & Claire raging lesbians (without Chris' knowledge) 4.) Jill futa-fucking Claire (with Chris' encouragement) Please don't be shy with sharing your own!

  4. ALSO! We are looking for ideas for a short video to make with Jill, once she's done! So far, we've got 4 ideas. Check next Tweet to see what they are. If you've got ideas though, please reply to this post with them! We're looking for somewhere in the 3-to-5 minute range. 👍

  5. \2 Which gave rise to the thought of, what if while building a model on Wednesdays, we think of a short, voiced video to make for them on Saturdays? While we're building a character, we put together the previous character's video idea. I think the idea may be worth exploring.

  6. \1 A random realization struck me today: I have a lot of characters built on Wednesday streams, of which I not only have no videos of - I don't even have IDEAS of videos of. All these characters, just waiting to be used. And I have no video ideas for any of them...

  7. As a regular viewer of Civvie11's videos, I find myself using the "Nice fucking ____, *honk honk*" when referring to shit that is broken. I needed a dedicated *honk honk* gif for SEVERAL "Nice fucking _____" regarding Patreon's edit mechanism. So I made one. Use as you wish.

  8. So guess what I'm spending the next half hour doing. AGAIN. And apparently no one's fucking brought this up in the several months since I did this change. That's cool.

  9. Several months ago, I went through the effort of changing every single video link on my Patreon to the new Films page. It turns out, as I just learned now, that Patreon's "update links" is broken. They don't actually update. You have to completely remove and re-add the link.

  10. Me: "I wonder what modern, new-age character model I should build." Also me: "I want to build Borderlands 1 Lilith (with an up-poly'd face and up-res'd textures, of course)" Also also me: "Holy shit Lilith is all leg in Borderlands 1." (I prefer her BL1 face to her BL3 face)

  11. Don't you hate it when you start sucking on the tongue depressor and the doctor looks at you weird and tells you that isn't at all what he intended you to do? Why are you all looking at me like that?

  12. I have made a slight edit to the rules for Model Wheel submissions. Specifically, I have renamed and clarified rule #2. Been getting a lot of edited models submitted, things like nude models or out-of-universe outfits. The full rule is here, but the tldr is: no edits, please.

  13. You know what we need more of in the world? Fat-cock-futa POV. So I decided to give Overbreed Ep1 a fat-cock-futa POV shot. Because what's better than watching a futa with a fat cock? BEING a futa with a fat cock. (Yes I am still on this sequence, it's been a busy week.)

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