1. You do realize that unless someone has dropped out of high school and written novels and movies they don't have the expertise to tweet on this subject? Stay in your lane.

  2. FWIW here is how McAuliffe is doing with key demographics compared to Biden White: Youngkin +15 (Trump +6) Non-College White: Youngkin +35 (Trump +27) College White: McAuliffe +6 (Biden +17) Black: McAuliffe +68 (Biden +82) Hispanic: McAuliffe +14 (Biden +21)

  3. In other words if Biden wins Virginia by three in 2024, you’d expect Trump to beat him and Republicans to gain maybe nine (!) senate seats.

  4. The most likely Discourse Trajectory is that Republicans go from overconfident in Youngkin’s odds just because he’s outperforming Trump to Democrats becoming overconfident about Biden’s standing based on a T-Mac win even if he’s clearly weaker than Biden 2020.

  5. In his new book argues that US public health agencies overprepared for a flu pandemic and were caught flat-footed by aerosol transmission but it seems like the latest thinking is that flu transmission is also largely airborne.

  6. Nobody follows the six feet rule, the science it’s based on turns out to be wrong, vaccines are broadly available and yet the signs are still up everywhere.

  7. Yellen on Powell: [D]uring his term, and during my term and Bernanke's term, regulation of financial institutions has been markedly strengthened…. And those improvements have stayed in place during the Powell regime."

  8. China will have a big economic recession at some point (maybe some day soon) and when it happens the people who've been consistently calling an imminent Chinese economic crash since 2009 or so are going to claim vindication.

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