1. Only Jürgen Klopp could be generous enough in the post match interview to remind people about LFC’s horrendous defeat against Aston Villa in stead of just riding his winning horse. That humilitymakes him even more wonderful as he clocked in his 200th victory for the reds.

  2. A fantastic weekend in Iceland with Steve McManaman and our families. A trip to the golden circle, zip line and a visit to the President all highlights together with the LFC’s supporters’ club’s annual party where we entertained. Thank you for your wonderful hospitality Iceland!

  3. Well, at least Manchester City let in twice as many goals against as they have done in total so far this season. LFC - Manchester City FT 2-2

  4. Little shout to let you all know that you can only get a copy of My new album MOMENTS in clear vinyl exclusively at . These are extremely limited, only 500 were made and without me even posting they're selling quickly. Have a boss weekend everyone ✊❤️✌️

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