1. Incredible that , paid a whole 30 seconds to the Newcastle takeover and the owners. Suppose it’s 30seconds more scrutiny than Ronaldo got.

  2. are a bust, can’t help but think, broadfoot, dicker, power in this squad gives the leadership that’s missing. McGinn and Alston to passive, wide players no end product, full backs lazy one side and poor the other. Lacking tactics, an mgmt pressure surely mounting.

  3. This is hard hitting from . Deserves huge credit for opening up, but the family’s speaking is heartbreaking. More regulation clearly needed.

  4. Paul Merson gambling program only 5 mins in, and I can tell it’s going to be an incredibly moving story.

  5. Watching the fever pitch series on bbc reminds me how much I loved that period of football, and how much it’s changed, can’t stand English fitba now, totally different games, styles etc

  6. Well that killie game was grim. Polworth is a lazy huffy wee guy, McGinn and Alston to similar, McKenzie didn’t seem to have role, attackers where very disconnected. Keeper had howlers. No tactical evolution since start of season. Worrying. TW needs to show why he’s on big bucks.

  7. In the last 24/48 hours, I’ve retweeted about - tories giving pals jobs for cash. A police commissioner blaming a woman for being arrested and murdered, and the Queen paying legal costs for her abhorrent son. Come Monday nothing will have changed. That’s why I want independence

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