1. It's ok to make mistakes in life as long as you truly learn from them. I have certainly made my fair share of foolish decisions/mistakes in the last few years. I think it's helped me see myself and others in a clearer light. It's hard to do sometimes, but it's necessary to grow.

  2. Just heard the terrible news. Chris is such fun and lovely human being and is terribly missed by many. Laughter and Love always. Rest in piece, brother. ❤

  3. Opening up the doors again to take on new students for training/coaching. DM me with your email if you're interested. All levels of experience welcomed. ❤

  4. Holy moly! I learned what a hype train was in yesterday's stream, with over 70 new subscribers! In 2 streams we hit over 100 subs! I can't thank everyone enough for such a warm welcome back. I'll be streaming more so please vote for a proper schedule!

  5. Thank you. To every single person who popped into my stream tonight. I was so nervous coming back. Now I have 30+ subscribers in a single night, too many followers to say. I love you for your support and can't thank you all enough. I love ya ❤. Think I'll do a few more.

  6. East side Fam, what's going on? Gonna take a random trip to Nashville first and then head east for Maine or New York with Virgina as my final destination for a bit. Any suggestions?

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