1. is shutting down. We have run into financial issues that result in not being viable to keep running at this time. We intend to resume service at a more appropriate time. Thank you for partying with us

  2. Unfortunately I still do not have an update for you. I'm also waiting on a response to hear on how to proceed further. Thanks for your understanding and patience.

  3. The site is currently unavailable. We're working to get this resolved ASAP. Thanks for your understanding, we will keep you posted.

  4. You may experience issues connecting to or viewing YouTube videos on our website right now. An upstream provider is having some troubles. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your understanding.

  5. Success! has messaged us back and raised our API quota for us. You should now be able to search for your favourite songs again. Sorry for the incredibly long wait and inconvenience. We're monitoring our quota usage and working with to keep this in check

  6. Hi again. We're still busy working with to get their API issues resolved. It's out of our control. In the meanwhile we also have to renew our security certificates, we're doing that on March 20, we will need a short maintenance mode to restart services.

  7. Sorry for the wait, everyone. We're still trying our best to get in touch with to get this resolved. If there are any more updates, we'll keep you posted.

  8. Unfortunately on our birthday we're running into issues with @GCPcloud 's API. Our key is currently limited resulting in YouTube search not working sitewide. We're doing our best to get this fixed for you ASAP. In the meanwhile, please use SoundCloud.

  9. We want to wish our favorite juicer a very happy (and musical) birthday. Have a good one! Hope to see you back on soon :) 🎉🎂xqcL

  10. Oops! Something didn't go quite as expected. We're going to maintenance mode real quick. We'll let you know when we're back!

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