1. It’s 2021. Stop complaining about gas prices. You’ve had decades to buy a fuel efficient vehicle, an electric vehicle, utilize public transit or telecommute.

  2. If we say "people first, cars last" and "safety is important" and mean it, the rest will be easy. Slower speeds will be an immediate result. Narrower lanes, protected bike lanes, bollards, and wide sidewalks will come along soon after. Let's do it!

  3. 2/2 When we build to throw-away, our wealth evaporates. This includes cars, and maybe even a typical house. I think this is true even when discount accounting indicates otherwise, as at best that tends to increase the average at the expense of the median (trickle-up).

  4. Daily musing: I have long surmised that when we build durably, when infrastructure will last much longer than a human generational cycle, our collective wealth increases. I think this is one reason cities succeed, with buildings, roadways, tunnels, and transit that persist. 1/2

  5. Seems to me if your company will fire or reprimand you for a failed drug test for marijuana, but doesn't require vaccination for covid, you probably work for a company that doesn't actually care about staff risks, only conservative politics.

  6. I'm curious, for those of you who are perfectly average health/wealth/age and primarily drive, what is your plan for getting around when you are older (or sooner if you are unfortunately disabled or cannot afford to drive)? For me, this is a primary concern for retirement. You?

  7. Reminders: If you're walking anywhere near where cars drive and the poles and posts have break-away fasteners, the priority is the safety of the car, and not you as a pedestrian. If you walk on the street side of bollards, those are to protect a building, but not you.

  8. If we have options, and one costs individuals money but makes a ton for major corporations, and the other saves individuals money (and improves their lives in other ways) but will hit corporate revenues, watch out for deft PR that makes it seem "obvious" that we should pay up!

  9. I only recently learned that right-on-red was added during the 70's with reduction of idling engines as an excuse. Now most cars shut off at lights, and this isn't even a decent argument anymore (if ever it was, given added risk).

  10. Our tolerance (or, glorification) of speeding is a major issue. In our slices-of-swiss model, lower speeds is one of the few mitigations to lower severity of crashes, & frequency as well. <20mph covers a multitude of sins. Universal 10-over makes all crashes more deadly.

  11. Simple things every city should do: - End right-turn-on-red, universally. - Ensure walk and left-turns do not conflict on signalized intersections (only arrows, no yield) - Peds own the crossing once approaching street.

  12. If you think that EVs and AVs are pretty good ideas to address obvious issues of automobiles, you've been effectively marketed, since you're ignoring all the other problems they also create. Electrifying and automating trains/subways would be much easier and much better.

  13. It might be easier to stomach 40k traffic deaths per year as a “cost of doing business” if there weren’t already better solution examples in other countries. And if the costs didn’t tend to fall one direction while the profits go another.

  14. Question for NL knowledgeable: do Dutch streets drain toward the center (car territory) or to the edges (bike lanes) for shared streets? I guess when separated, each lane drains independently? Wondering how the lanes are kept clear of grates, water, leaves, and debris.

  15. My (adult) son was out walking, and crossing at the big, mile-section intersection with full lights (the only ped crossing, naturally). He got a walk signal, paused and looked left (as one does) to then wait for the right-turn-through-red car running the light at speed.

  16. On my morning walk, I saw (and heard) a loud-exhaust car speeding down the neighborhood street, in a construction zone, near an elementary school, and running a stop sign at speed. But then they slowed for the speed bump. But hey, I found $5 on the sidewalk, so there is that.

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