1. On another note, I'm planning to make all of my future releases for free with no early access period. I'll test the waters for a couple of months if the number of supporters doesn't drop significantly I'll keep them for free forever. Thanks everyone.

  2. My mods seem to work fine with the latest cottage living patch, with minor glitches in some of them, you can keep them in your game. Thanks to for once again testing the mods and hopefully I'll fix the glitches soon. Happy simming ♥

  3. I tested my mods and they seem to be compatible with the latest patch! Update 5/27/2021 PC: / Mac: No need to update them. Happy simming! :D ♥

  4. For players saying "But you create gore mods, how are you creeped out by this?" I literally would rather look at bride Hannah or the possessed child in my intro screen and I wouldn't be creeped out. At least they're not staring into my soul.

  5. Can you please remove this photo from your startup menu? her facial expressions are so creepy and make me uncomfortable every time I launch the game. And as a modder, I open and close the game so many times for testing and have to see her crazy expressions every time.

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