1. Watching smash players cannibalizes each other over Nintendo relations is hilarious. They’re struggling between their love for anti-capitalism and having food on the table and I love it.

  2. doing my part and sticking it to a billion dollar company by *checks notes* shitting on my freelance working peers

  3. Out of the 7 years I've been casting, these last 2 years have taught me the MOST about this industry. It doesn't matter if VikkiKitty says no to working a big casting gig cause there's other Vikki's that would happily take that spot. I CHOSE this career path & I'll keep going.

  4. I've been able to diversify my audience a lot throughout the pandemic and that was one of my biggest goal, since I play a bunch of different games competitively. But ONLY in the Smash Community does a freelancer get chastised for working a non-grassroots event. The audacity bro

  5. I think most of us freelance commentators who have interest in multiple games wanna do just that. Stop trying make people out to be villains for trying to advance in this space.

  6. • If you're wrong, admit it. • If you're confused, ask questions. • If you're stuck, seek for help. • If you make mistake, learn from it. • If you learn something, teach others.

  7. This is genuinely the most unprofessional take I've seen from you and if you or want to talk more as to why I work with companies such as Nintendo, Blizzard, or EA, then I'll happily engage with you both in that conversation. But to write something like THIS when you and

  8. I wanna hop on this thread real quick to mention that Gabriel once found a thread where I had mentioned jokingly that I rarely brushed my teeth & used it to call me gross & mentally fucked up, said he'd beat me up, then encouraged his thousands of followers to join in & harass me

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