1. is not the MOASS. It’s not shorted. People are buying the stock and that’s why it’s going up. With and , these stocks are shorted. Heavily. And manipulated. Heavily. Once shorts cover and FOMO kicks in, these two are going to be more violent than . Patience.

  2. Today is Oct 25, 2021. It has been 271 days since billions of dollars were stolen from everyday people when unprecedentedly and unfairly removed the ability to BUY & from Retail Investors to manipulate the stock downward, and the has done nothing about it.

  3. Stock market has become a money making machine for those who can weather the "cycles of ups & down." Retail can not sustain 80% loss for 6 to 8 months. They give up and this is the greatest money transfer mechanism to the wealthy. Cycles are real. cycles are closing in.

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