1. MSP dropped below freezing early Sat. The last subfreezing temp = 29° on 4/21 = 185 day (6+ mo) growing season (166 is average)! 1 in 5 years sees a freeze this late or later (historically). It’s been happening twice as frequently since 2000: another sign of a warming climate.

  2. I preface this by saying this is UNLIKELY. It’s one computer model run, 9 days out. BUT, it’s the first forecast snowstorm of the season by a computer (even if it’s hog wash)- a sign of eventual things to come.

  3. thread on Willard from "Peril" After Pence leaves Oval on Jan. 5, Trump is furious. Pence isn't breaking. He opens the door near the Resolute Desk. "A rush of cold air blasted the room." He can hear the mob in the streets outside the Willard. He's elated to hear them. (p. 230)

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