ByGeorge Knapp

8:22 AM - 18 Sep 2021

Tourists Are Now Smoking Toad Venom in Mexico’s Hipster Town Tulum

  1. The toad venom has been getting smoked homie Sonoran desert toad

  2. 5 meo.... just got back from my Ayahuasca trip in Costa Rica and it changed my life. I hope they are not harming the toads in the process because there are synthetic versions of 5 Meo available

  3. Well, quite honestly, after visiting the Mayan ruins and the incredible market, there’s not much else in Tulum to do, so smoking Toad venom may look good

  4. Lol. when I take DMT or any similar drug I definitely wouldn’t do it somewhere unfamiliar and never in extreme doses. But I’ve had amazing experiences. I like taking small amounts of ketamine or 2cb. It really changes your perception of the world and makes things seem trivial.

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