ByGeorge Knapp

5:49 PM - 19 Sep 2021

Tonight on the radio, two military men speaking for the first time about their unusual encounters, plus the rich lore of sky monsters:

  1. I'm going to bring the dog in, put on the bunny slippers and put on a cup joe for this tonight. I always look forward and put everything aside when you're on. Can't wait!

  2. Is this a free podcast or do we need to pay? Can someone place a link here if its free. Thank you in advanced.

  3. Hey George, I will definitely be listening this evening! (You have one of the best intros in late night radio).😃

  4. Well, dadgum it and tarnation. You young whippersnappers can look in the attic for grandpappy's old Westinghouse radio doohickey, then kick back a sodey-pop.

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