ByJoel Kim Booster

10:13 PM - 20 Sep 2021

The IATSE is the fucking lifeblood of our industry. It would not exist without them. This strike is against the parasites at the top. Fuck Deadline and any other media org that frames it any other way.

  1. Good on you for speaking out!

  2. Why is framing the conversation in such a derogatory way? Why aren’t they highlighting these very real stories of suffering from members? Is it because they are in the pockets of the unions??

  3. Can you explain to me what the members mean when they say day off between work days? Weekends I understand.

  4. From what I've read, they want an end to unreasonable turn-around time. For instance, working a shift until 2AM and being expected to report at 8AM the next day.

  5. ….crying poverty against the big bad studios or networks is amusing to me since almost every IATSE member i know do very well. I believe in unions as both my parents were working class fireman and teachers but IATSE taking an entitled position that they ARE the industry is…

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