ByJulie Kelly  

12:10 PM - 18 Jun 2021

You owe the official narrative on January 6 nothing. Not faux outrage or indignation or sympathy—even for cops and their families exploiting it for personal gain and help bolster a political agenda. The default position should be this is an inside job perpetuated by bad actors.

  1. Even good people can refuse to accept that our government is capable of orchestrating and executing most of what happened on January 6. But all you have to do it look at the lies, conflation, and unanswered questions about that day to start to grasp what really happened.

  2. It’s not a coincidence the term “insurrection” went viral that day by everyone from Dem politicians to GW Bush. Or that security was beyond lax. Or that photographers were everywhere. Or that it stopped the election audit. Or on and on.

  3. only pays lip service to law enforcement when it benifits them. They really don’t give a shit about police or the military.

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