ByMarcellus Wiley  

6:23 PM - 17 Feb 2021

I’ve cried a few times today so excuse me fam! 😢 Today, my daughter Morocca was accepted into her #1 choice for Grad School, Columbia University! Yes, she’s going to get a Masters from CU! 🙌🏿 So many amazing emotions are running through our family right now...

  1. Believe me, I don’t know a person that has a bigger heart than my daughter...who says that nice people finish last!?! 😉 I continue to count my blessings for having such a sweet, intelligent, sincere, hard working, and committed young woman.

  2. Through it all, she survived & thrived! Please help me congratulate Monkey-Monk on her accomplishing another step towards her goals! I love you DJ ❤️❤️❤️ 🙏🏿

  3. Wow, she's good looking and smart! Very impressive. Congrats to both of you, as kids don't turn out like this without solid parenting!

  4. Congratulations Morocca and your very proud mom and dad!!!! May God continue to watch over you and guide in your next season of life

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