ByMarcellus Wiley  

4:15 PM - 17 Sep 2021

Bcuz they were playing against plumbers, cigarette smokers, and 190lb. defensive tackles Keep it a buck! 💯

  1. Finally someone telling the truth. The past wasn't better. It is just the past. Athletes today are not worse than guys from the 70s. There were insurance salesmen getting checks back then. Haha

  2. Y’all gotta stop calling professional players plumbers 🤣🤣🤣

  3. I knew some were playing against 3 Finger Jim types, but there were some dudes that played.

  4. Lol hell I think Janakowski kept a flask and a pack of Newport’s stashed on the sidelines during games.

  5. Where is LT. Best Defensive Player Ever!!!

  6. Probably because of level of competition he faced. Where are the HOF tackles that he faced ? That position became important because of him. So, for the majority of time he was playing he probably didn’t face too many great o line men!

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