Jake Paul

  1. 7-0 Fury doesn’t cut it for my 5th fight I’m fighting either Hector Lopez or Javier Martinez next!! Hector was “Tanks” 8th opponent, came in 0-0 and retired 0-1. Hector was an MMAer who was 2-0 Javier was Canelos 10th opponent, entered the fight 0-0 and retired at 0-1

  2. Get rid of these commercials in the corner man😭 I’m trying to hear what coaches and fighters are saying That’s one of the best parts of boxing

  3. "Staking, liquidity pool, marketing with YouTube TikTok & Spotify, companions" already has big names like Steve Aoki, Jake Paul, Banks, Mike Shinoda, BenPhillips and many more 4K renders & Blue Check will come soon

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